The Losing Side

Tennis raquet and ball
Typical stick figure
Me, attempting to draw

What is tennis anyway but sweating in posh clothes?

Tiny Buddah dolls laughing
Actual pic of me laughing in yoga class when everyone seems so serious about opening a third eye or somthing
Any given tennis day: at least 10 selfies before starting training and losing all “glamour”

The match

woman surrounded by colorful balloons; we can’t see her face but she seems happy
Hope is a mistake sometimes.


Mind over body

  • but fearing failure sucks even more: it destroys any chance of growth
  • but failing alone means that while you don’t have no one to embarras, there’s no one to say you’d do better next time either (or get you drunk as a consolation prize). It turns out you don’t only need people to celebrate but to be sad as well.

I’m not sure next time I won’t fail, but i’m sure as hell if I do, I will fail better.



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